Episode 6: Donovan Farrow, The little scamp who could.

Donovan founded Alias Forensics Inc. in 2010. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Donovan’s vision has always been to create a community that grows and supports a fresh aptitude in Information Security. In this episode we talk about growing up as a trouble-maker kid from a poor family, working odd jobs, fixing computers at his schools, having no resources and making all his hard work come together to found his own incident response/digital forensics company.

Episode 5: Funsized and Sean, Growing up and challenges in college

In this episode I talk with two of the shellcon.io organizers and founders, Funsized and Sean. These guys have two different paths coming into the hacker culture, but both have embraced what it is to think like a hacker and get things done.

Episode 4: Tprophet, Creating Solutions not Problems

This interview with Tprophet covers the experience of LGBTQ+ in the hacker community since the 90’s and the impact of QueerCon, and his many other pursuits from creating problems to solve (telephreak challenge) to solving problems that affect everyone (like robocallers) at scale, making life better for everyone.