Episode 11: Jericho, champion of small misunderstood woodland creatures.

In this episode I am joined by Jericho, a champion of small misunderstood woodland creatures

We talk about the changes in the ‘hacker culture’ from the the days of party lines and trashing for tthe obtainment and sharing of hard to come across knowledge (this being pre-google days).

I reflect how it seems Attrition.org is a continuation of those days, as a way to continue disseminating not so easy to come across knowledge.

The sharing of this information though, does come at a cost. Jericho covers how people have sent him both legal and physical threats all over his tenacity to uncover the truth about shameful actors in the hacker community. We then cover what he does in life to help him de-stress, spoiler: He volunteers outside of tech with wildlife rehabilitation centers and finds benefit from exercise.