Episode 14: Arclight, What it was like in the 90s, and what it’s like today

In this episode I talk with Arclight of the 23b shop and ACCX products about growing up in hacker community of the 90s to running a hacker space in the 2000s.

We talk about the days of being a BBS sysop, dumpster diving, urban exploration, the mojave phone booth and how things have changed in a post 9/11 world.

Episode 13: Shane MacDougall from infosec to extreme sports competitor.

In this weeks’ episode, I catch up with Shane MacDougall a world cup street luge competitor, former fire fighter and long time security professional back from his days of red teaming during the late 80s and early 90s.

Shane has had his fair share of set backs and disruptions in life, but has always sided with his internal morality. We talk about his career path from tech and infosec, to becoming a firefighter, then landing back on red teaming and pentesting and then blue teaming and defense. He’s blown the whistle for some nefarious or immoral business practices made by previous employees, and has found a new life and support community that has bolstered his new passion in extreme sports.

Episode 12: Marcus Carey and the Four Agreements

In this episode I interview Marcus Carey, a US navy veteran who came up and succeeded in life from humble beginnings in rural Texas to now the CEO of Threat Care.

I hear from Marcus about his early life struggles being a “good guy” while many of his peers take advantage of his loyalty.

Marcus covers how he breezed through college based on his aptitude for taking tests, and taking advantage of the Navy’s options for paying his tuition and testing fees.

Marcus and I discuss a book “The Four Agreements” which recommended to me before the recording. I read the book and we review the high-points of the four agreements book and share our stories on how these agreements provide good advice on how to avoid stress and live a better life.

Marcus ended the interview extending his hand towards those in need of help in the community to reach out to him on twitter at @MarcusJCarey.