Episode 18: Lance James. Success, Failures, Grief and Buddhism.

In this episode of fireside with lei, I chat with Lance James someone I’ve heard and seen of in the community but never had a chance to ever sit down and chat. 

I learn of Lance’s background on how he got introduced into the hacker slash security scene via creating crypto and peer to peer software back in the early 2000’s, which lead him to presenting at events like toorcon and more.

We talk about successes and failures that Lance has faced, how he deals with them using buddhist and zen practices. It was wonderful to have Lance open up about the topic of grief and he shares with us how he handled a death in his immediate family. At the end of the podcast is a very special gift, a song Lance wrote in honor of his son which he has agreed to allow to be shared here for you.

To hear more of Lance’s music, including Gabriel’s Psalm, please see: https://soundcloud.com/lancejames/