Thank you for your interest! Fireside with lei is a personal project by Robert Lei, where he interviews the people he knows (mostly from the hacker, tech, and online scenes) about their lives. There is no formal structure, other than a free form conversation between the host and the guests, with no editing. 

Robert, the host, is just a middle aged millennial father, husband and generally nice guy. I’ve lived abroad, been viral before YouTube, taken chances in life which lead to success and regrets. I’d like to think that “right now” I’m sorting out some issues, but that implies once things are sorted everything will be peaceful. The truth is, I see that people are always sorting out things in our lives. This project is all about sorting out out issues, yours, the guests, my own too! By sharing stories and experiences it will help those who the experience resonates with, and it can help you find a new perspective.

Oh yea, if it wasn’t obvious already by the domain name and theme, Fireside with lei is part of Disconnect Camp. Robert is the Camp Leader/Founder of this invite only event which acts as a retreat for techies, hackers, and like minded people to disconnect from the net, find themselves and experience the best form of reality, real reality, and engage socially with others, without the likes/comments and curated timelines.