Episode 13: Shane MacDougall from infosec to extreme sports competitor.

In this weeks’ episode, I catch up with Shane MacDougall a world cup street luge competitor, former fire fighter and long time security professional back from his days of red teaming during the late 80s and early 90s.

Shane has had his fair share of set backs and disruptions in life, but has always sided with his internal morality. We talk about his career path from tech and infosec, to becoming a firefighter, then landing back on red teaming and pentesting and then blue teaming and defense. He’s blown the whistle for some nefarious or immoral business practices made by previous employees, and has found a new life and support community that has bolstered his new passion in extreme sports.

Episode 12: Marcus Carey and the Four Agreements

In this episode I interview Marcus Carey, a US navy veteran who came up and succeeded in life from humble beginnings in rural Texas to now the CEO of Threat Care.

I hear from Marcus about his early life struggles being a “good guy” while many of his peers take advantage of his loyalty.

Marcus covers how he breezed through college based on his aptitude for taking tests, and taking advantage of the Navy’s options for paying his tuition and testing fees.

Marcus and I discuss a book “The Four Agreements” which recommended to me before the recording. I read the book and we review the high-points of the four agreements book and share our stories on how these agreements provide good advice on how to avoid stress and live a better life.

Marcus ended the interview extending his hand towards those in need of help in the community to reach out to him on twitter at @MarcusJCarey.

Episode 11: Jericho, champion of small misunderstood woodland creatures.

In this episode I am joined by Jericho, a champion of small misunderstood woodland creatures

We talk about the changes in the ‘hacker culture’ from the the days of party lines and trashing for tthe obtainment and sharing of hard to come across knowledge (this being pre-google days).

I reflect how it seems Attrition.org is a continuation of those days, as a way to continue disseminating not so easy to come across knowledge.

The sharing of this information though, does come at a cost. Jericho covers how people have sent him both legal and physical threats all over his tenacity to uncover the truth about shameful actors in the hacker community. We then cover what he does in life to help him de-stress, spoiler: He volunteers outside of tech with wildlife rehabilitation centers and finds benefit from exercise.

Episode 10: XORshac, talks burnout, mental health and empathy.

I speak with “XORshac” an actual doctor of psychology who I met at the first disconnect.camp where he talked about social engineering. In this episode XORshac answers my questions about burnout, stress and healing the mind. We see some connections between a person’s empathy and their ability to live a happy life by simply being kinder to others.

I strongly encourage a listen for anyone concerned or dealing with their mental health, or the state of mental health in the world today.

Episode 8: Funsized, Followup on life, cons, being blue.

A followup episode, where Funsized and I chat about how shellcon.io went, tell tales about tamper evidence contests, counterfeit badges, and the origins of porno-claus. We end on a great side discussion regarding dealing with depression after conferences, self-analysis and mental health.

Episode 6: Donovan Farrow, The little scamp who could.

Donovan founded Alias Forensics Inc. in 2010. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Donovan’s vision has always been to create a community that grows and supports a fresh aptitude in Information Security. In this episode we talk about growing up as a trouble-maker kid from a poor family, working odd jobs, fixing computers at his schools, having no resources and making all his hard work come together to found his own incident response/digital forensics company.

Episode 5: Funsized and Sean, Growing up and challenges in college

In this episode I talk with two of the shellcon.io organizers and founders, Funsized and Sean. These guys have two different paths coming into the hacker culture, but both have embraced what it is to think like a hacker and get things done.

Episode 4: Tprophet, Creating Solutions not Problems

This interview with Tprophet covers the experience of LGBTQ+ in the hacker community since the 90’s and the impact of QueerCon, and his many other pursuits from creating problems to solve (telephreak challenge) to solving problems that affect everyone (like robocallers) at scale, making life better for everyone.