Want to be a Guest?

Interested in sharing your own stories “from beyond the statute of limitations”? Here is how:

What I’m looking for:

  • First hand stories from your life.
    • Where you came from, your roots.
    • Overcoming obstacles.
    • How you adjusted to changes in life.
    • Achieving a goal.
    • etc… (listen to some episodes, it’s pretty open)

General Rules:

  • Don’t make me make additional rules.
  • All stories should be things you experienced first hand.
  • Avoid drama and naming names, you may mention organizations or public figures as long as it is related to a story.

Interested? Then Submit your Pitch

The general process is:

  1. Submit your pitch above.
  2. I will review, and reach out to schedule when to talk
  3. We do an unrecorded pre-interview (30 minutes or so) to hash out detail
  4. We do the recorded interview (1-2 hours) over VOIP or in person if possible.
  5. Episode gets scheduled! (New episodes are released Monday)